We are a science-based company and have incorporated CDC protocols into our daily operations.

Other safety measures:

  • All staff members are fully vaccinated
  • Frequent cleaning during operating hours
  • Daily area & hourly restroom checks for cleanliness & safety
  • Antibacterial hand sanitizer available for staff and guests

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Dig It is a play-based experience recommended for ages 3-10. Younger siblings can enjoy the toddler play area.

YES!!! The general child admission is $18. Additional siblings are $15. Siblings under 2 are free with the purchase of a child admission ticket.

First adult is FREE! Additional adults are $8.00 each.

We do not allow unaccompanied adults into Dig It.

Yes, Dig It is a “socks only” zone. ALL guests, both children and adults, must wear socks while in the play space. Children who are playing during “Dig Time” are required to wear grip socks. Adults who are supervising are not required to have grips on their socks.

Dig It is designed to safely accommodate the needs of all guests.  Our policies comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and applicable state laws.

If your child has special needs, please let our staff know and we will do what we can to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable day at Dig It.  

Dig It does accommodate wheelchairs! While the Climbing Structure, the Cement Mixer, and the Mini Diggers will not be available to a child in a wheelchair, all other activities on the play floor are wheelchair accessible as well as select tables in the café and the party rooms.  

Our fun and friendly trained staff is on the Dig It “site” to offer watchful eyes and assistance with the play equipment; however, supervision is a shared responsibility between the adult guests and our staff.

No, you do not!  Yippee!  However, please understand our Waiver and Release Policy: By utilizing this web-based ticketing platform, and by clicking through the various pages (including the buttons “Buy Tickets Now”, “reserve now”, “next” and “purchase”), the purchaser of the tickets, on behalf of him/herself, and any minor(s) as part of the ticket purchase, agrees not to sue, releases all claims of personal injury or wrongful death, and waives all claims and causes of action for negligence against Dig It Torrance LLC, Mycotoo, Inc. and all of their respective members, officers, directors and employees. Such waiver and release includes, but is not limited to any and all injuries or death caused by, relating to or arising out of the use of the Dig It facility, being on the Dig It property, and/or medical treatment provided or failed to be provided in the event of a medical emergency. By clicking through the ticketing pages, it is agreed that doing so is the same as a digital signature pursuant to California Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (Civil Code Section 1633.1 et. seq.), even though there is no actual signature by purchaser.

All caregivers or adult attendees to each child must acknowledge and agree to our waiver and release policy to be on site.

We want Dig It to be a place of connection between families and a disconnection from the distractions of the world outside. For that reason, we do not have guest wi-fi. We welcome you to enjoy your family here, build together, play together, or let your kiddos navigate the space while you relax in our cafe without emails or work messages interrupting your time at Dig It!  

All sales are final.  We do not offer refunds.  We are happy to accommodate rescheduled dig times with 24-hour notice via email, ahead of your reserved play time. 

We are open Monday through to Saturday, from 10a – 9pm PST and on Sunday from 11a -7pm PST
Please note that we are closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day


Dig It is a play-based experience recommended for ages 3-10. Younger siblings can enjoy the toddler play area. 

Toddlers are allowed in the main play area of Dig it, which is also open to older kids.  We do offer designated Toddler time from 10am-12pm on weekdays for our younger ones only, to accommodate our families who would feel more comfortable having just toddlers around in the open play space.  These options provide flexibility and options for all our families with multiple kids of varying ages.  You are more than welcome to book play at any time based on what your preferences are for your family.



Socks are required to enter the play space for children and adults.

Children must wear grippy socks.

Adults must also wear socks (grips not required)

Child Sizes: $3/pair

Adult Sizes: $3/pair

***Dig It Socks are yours to keep, and you can use them when you return for your next visit!